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VA deploys a number of world-class resources and assets to support innovations that benefit Veteran communities that include Veterans, Caregivers, families, survivors, and VA staff. VA propels a diversity of innovations at any stage of development.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas, methods or devices that solves a problem, introduces new offerings, or improves existing processes. VA champions innovation initiatives that make things better, faster and easier for the Veteran Communities.

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Why Innovate with VA?

VA understands what it takes to support innovation. We share knowledge and resources with our collaborators to lay the foundation for shared success.

How do we innovate?

Our innovation environments support your needs with a network of offerings that include access to experts, facilities, process and modeling capabilities, and more.

Real-World Collaboration

We offer direct experience with clinicians and patients to take your innovation to the next level.


We use simulation to model real-world conditions within a controlled environment, supporting innovative potential by creating safe spaces to experiment and grow.