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VA innovates to deliver better, more effective care and services

By innovating, VA demonstrates its commitment to serving Veterans’ evolving needs.

What We Do: Innovation Lifecycle

The Innovation Lifecycle is VA’s process of development for innovations from early stage discovery all the way through to later stage scaling.

VA is ready to work with innovators at any stage of this lifecycle. Learn more about each stage and understand where your innovation sits.

Why We Do It: Value Assessment

VA uses a framework to determine which innovations might deliver the highest potential value to the VA community, which is made up of Veterans, Staff, Caregivers and Families.

Innovation projects must drive value in any of four ways to be selected. Below are VA’s four value drivers:


Improves reach, understanding and usability of health services, leading to improved outcomes


Improves the impact of a treatment or service and patients experience greater positive outcomes


Improves the value that comes out of a healthcare system without increasing the required resources


Improves quality care that is independent of demography, socio-economic status, or geographic location

How We Do It: Collaboration

Innovation at VA is driven by mutually-beneficial collaborations that benefit VA, the Veteran community and the external-to-VA innovator. New ideas and methods can be cultivated through shared interest and resources.

Innovation initiatives are usually governed by Collaborative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), which are highly customizable agreements that allow all parties to leverage each other’s resources.

Role of the Collaborator

Provides the idea or solution for development

If necessary, provides monetary funding for the initiative

Can seek patent license for resulting solution

Role of VA

Provides non-monetary resources (personnel, facilities, test environment, etc.)

Seeks future value (i.e license, IP, discounts, etc.) for the resulting solution

The foundation of the CRADA is the Statement of Work (SoW) which outlines the goals, scope, and the roles and responsibilities of each party.

Are you ready to innovate?

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